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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"
                                                                                                                                                       Eleanor Roosevelt

DREAM Capital Partners S.p.A. was founded in February 2012 by successful operators in Corporate Finance and Investment Banking , the "Partners"

DREAM CP, thanks to experience accumulated over more than twenty years by the Partners, has already an important history in terms of industrial sectors knowledge, established relationships with all Italian banks and  financial institutions,  relationships with major private debt and equity investors,  ability to analyse business economic and financial dynamics, skills in structuring and arranging financial deals as syndicated loans, project finance, bond issuing, mergers & acquisitions

DREAM CP aims to support companies and entrepreneurs,  as their financial advisor, in arranging financial operations appropriate for the consolidation of their activity and its development, in particular those ones that involve fund raising  on  debt or equity capital market

DREAM CP is not just a name chosen to highlight the Company interest  to assist the entrepreneurs in achieving their "entrepreneurial dreams", or their "business vision"; it's also an acronym summary of the various activities that Company and its Partners wish to play:

D  as "Debt arrangement", or arrangement of  syndicated loans, bond issues, project financing, trade and export finance, securitisations and other kind of fund raising as debt
R as "Restructuring", or support to companies and entrepreneurs in managing and overcoming situations of  financial crisis or economic difficulty
E as "Equity capital market", or assistance in IPOs, private placements, pre-IPO equity financing
A as "Advisory", or design of business and financial plans, with the drawing and managing of optimal financial structure, with identification of the more appropriate, for uses nature, funding sources and, with arrangement, sometimes, of assets "spin-off"
M as "Mergers & Acquisitions",  or M&A operations, as like as to find investors in industrials companies and their activities,  joint ventures with foreigner partners of same industry, and other cross-border transactions

DREAM CP may bring its own added value especially in designing  and arranging operation which are outside of ordinary business management (for size, complexity, innovation and more), meaning those in which a specialized actor with continuous presence in the market can bring a significant contribution of results and efficiency, as, for example, in fund raising on the international capital markets

DREAM Capital Partners was founded with an innovative business model for the Italian market

This model plans to combine, gradually, direct investments in equity and/or in operations carried out in favor of small and medium-sized companies, in order to support their growth and development

The stake in advised companies will then be valorized after the growth made possible by the activities of DREAM CP in their favor

We will also pursue  the goal to become step by step "co-investors" in the financial operations that we arrange (especially those ones for smaller companies) gaining in the meantime more credibility with investors and lenders invited to our financial transactions

So we could accompany the advised company, for instance, during the loan's life, simultaneously updating the lenders on the company results through periodic road shows, and  monitoring the compliance of  business plans. This could  represent a support to overcome some problems of financial nature, for the benefit of all the parties involved (company, shareholders, lenders, investors, ourselves)

Some direct investement in  client equity and in  transactions carried out by DREAMC CP is a target set since its establishment.  For this reason, we plain a fund raising in the next future trough an IPO on a regulated market  (within 2018, otherwise the wind up of the Company)

In meantime direct investments in small and medium size companies or deals would be made in terms of work, by converting part of our fees in equity ("Fee for Equity" or "Sweat Equity")

"we give color to finance"

DREAM CP also wants to privilege in its work,  as habit of  Partners, the analysis of the strategic issues of client companies, as suggested by the capital market evolution

In order to arrange a successful financial deal as,  for instance,  a medium term syndicated loan, we think necessary to analyse the company's competitive positioning, the value of its brands, its sales and production organization and other strategic long-term success factors. All this information must then be reported to potential investors with dedicated road shows (as our tradition is): because the capability to repay loan at maturity is never included in past results, but rather in validation of long-term business sustainability, as forecasts of revenues, costs, margins, gross debts, all elements that depend on the strategic factors above mentioned

One kind of finance therefore, the DREAM's one, that is no longer based primarily on the analysis of balance sheet  (finance "in black and white") but built on products, people, production and sales structures (all stuff with the "color" of real life)

If even for large companies with stables revenues is sometimes possible to arrange loans by simply projecting financial results (one finance "in black and white"), this "industrial" approach (one finance "in color") becomes indispensable to arrange financial transactions in favor of small and medium size companies, especially the fast growing ones

DREAM Capital Partners also aims to create a link between the Italian and international investors, industrial and financial, cooperating with foreign leading investment banks, private equity firms, long-term institutional investors

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